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Can you tell me about your practice?

Dr. Anjali Hooda Sangwan is board certified in Internal Medicine and a Fellowship in Obesity Medicine and Clinical Nutrition. She started this practice to focus on the complete Medical Management of Weight. Optimizing Micro-Nutrition is the key to our program. Every patient is looked upon as an individual and every patient will have different issues that need to be addressed and treated to create a long-term weight loss plan.

Screening patients thoroughly for all the reasons they may have gained weight and the factors that may be making weight loss difficult now. Specifically, we look for metabolic and hormonal issues that affect weight and treat these so you can lose weight permanently.

What should I expect from first visit?

At the first visit patient will have an hour with the doctor and a detailed medical history and examination will be performed.
Identification of following potential contributor to problem:
Medical, metabolic, hormonal issues
Lifestyle related issues
Behavioral issues
Micro-nutrition and Vitamin deficiencies
Food allergies

How is your Weight Loss program different?

We are able to handle almost every type of weight related problem whether it's obesity, overweight or malnutrition. Management of Obese patients with and without complex medical issues like Thyroid disorders, Diabetes mellitus, Hypertension, Cardiovascular Heart disease. We specialize in the treatment of hormonal weight gain after menopause and Poly Cystic Ovary Disease (PCOD). We also tackle childhood nutrition and obesity. We are able to manage complex medical patients such as those with heart disease, diabetes, liver or kidney issues, inflammatory bowel disease, gluten allergy, oncology/AIDS related malnutrition and selective neurological issues like ADHD where diet is an important contributor. Our program is very successful due to its Medical approach using evidence and research based practice with the US protocols.

Why is a Doctor based Medical Weight Loss program different from a Dietician/Nutritionist based Weight Loss program?

Obesity and overweight have been classified worldwide as a Preventable Disease, which requires a specialist Doctor. Diet is one aspect of the problem, which can be tackled by a dietician/nutritionist. Most of the patients suffering from obesity and overweight have medical issues related to heart, liver, kidney and hormones. Hypertension, diabetes, metabolic issues and other lifestyle related disease are also very common in these patients. All these require a constant supervision of a specialist Doctor.

What is the average weight I can expect to lose on your program?

Depending on which program you choose, you can expect to lose 5-10 Kgs. each month. The first month you will see very quick results. The following months, we help you to maintain a steady weight loss, usually of 1-2 Kgs per week.

Very rapid weight loss can be achieved when doing a Doctor-supervised Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD). The average weight loss achieved is approximately 6-10 Kgs in the first month or 3-4 dress sizes. Patients often lose in excess of 25 Kgs over a 12-week program. We have seen weight loss results that well exceed this amount because the more weight you have to lose the faster it will come off.

For other less aggressive weight loss programs offered through our clinic, each individual's weight loss progress is different. Since every person's needs and preferences are unique, programs are set up with the patient that best fits his/her lifestyle and nutritional needs. There are a variety of dietary programs; some of the diets use grocery store foods, others use food supplements in combination with grocery store foods. In general, patients can lose 1-2 Kgs per week and over a 12-week program, this can translate into 3-4 dress sizes.

My doctor told me my tests are all normal.

It maybe so but you will still need to bring all tests that have been done in the past so that the doctor can look at those from the point of view of metabolic and hormonal issues that affect weight gain and may see some connections. There are some tests that your doctor may not have ordered as a part of routine Medical checkup, so we will order tests to evaluate your weight issues in completeness.

What about medications for weight loss?

Once a full diagnosis is obtained we will determine carefully whether medication use will be beneficial for you. These medications are too risky for our majority of patients with heart disease and high blood pressure. Some medications, which are FDA approved, may be used if deemed necessary.

How many programs for weight loss do you have?

We have all programs customized to patient needs on individual basis. Most important is the determination of cause of weight gain and deal with it appropriately on case-to-case basis. If the doctor feels that you will benefit from Gastric bypass, she will be able to suggest you that and also manage your pre and post surgical medical issues which are the key for long-term patient care.

Do you sell food items or supplements in your clinic?

So far we are not doing any sale but we have researched the market for healthy foods, supplements and nutraceuticals. These are key to any successful weight loss plan to optimize the micro-nutritional deficiencies.

I don't lose weight even after a controlling my diet and exercising?

You may think you are doing everything right but healthy weight loss is a complex phenomenon, which is not just diet and exercise. The constant dieting can make your body resistant to weight loss and we can overcome this resistance. There could also be medical, metabolic and hormonal issues contributing to the problem. You will need a full evaluation from a Doctor.

I always find it difficult to lose the last 5 Kg?

You may have succeeded in losing weight earlier and are stuck to lose the last "5". We have a program in which we are able to work on the stalled metabolism depending on the tests and extensive evaluation done by the Doctor.

What's your success rate?

In our Medical Center we have achieved much success with our patients who are medically quite complex. Most of our patients have lost weight without surgery and have got off or reduced their medications once their health, weight and nutrition are optimized. Most have more energy and vitality. All issues are addressed collectively since they are interconnected and patients have achieved long-term success.

What about shots with HCG for weight loss?

Usually we do not recommend but they can be considered on case-to-case basis.

What are the other medical conditions you manage?

Management of bariatric pre and post surgery patients.
Management of complex weight problems, post gastric bypass and gastric dysmotility patients like gastroperesis.
Management of complex nutritional problems like malnutrition and vitamin deficiencies due to altered gastrointestinal tract and those who are on home total parenteral nutrition therapies.
Management of patients with altered gastrointestinal tract metabolically in critical care units.
Management of total parenteral nutrition patients in hospital and as outpatients in ICU settings.
Eating disorders and complex malnutrition associated with cancer patients.