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Topic › Fatigue

Are you exhausted by end of the day? Gym is probably not on your mind. But did you know even 10 min of some exercise could take away the fatigue and give you more energy.

Research shows that regular, low-intensity workouts – such as a leisurely stroll – boosted energy levels by about 20%.

Light workouts fought this fatigue even more, and 65% of people felt less like snoozing on the sofa.

Exercising may not just help your body, but your mind too.

The famous Dose Response to Exercise (DREW) study in Postmenopausal women done by Pennington biomedical research center in Louisiana University showed that 10 minutes of exercise per day improved not only metabolism and aerobic capacity, but also significantly enhanced the subjects’ quality of life.

Sometimes its just hard to start…. get some great music whatever you like and de stresses you on a iPod or a disc man then just go WALK. You can have a buddy for walk if you want but it should not take the focus away from the exercise. Walk as fast as possible; conversation with the buddy should not be easy.



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