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Menopause and weight gain

Topic › Menopause and weight gain

Every woman will gain at least 20-30 lbs. as menopause approaches. It’s imperative to fix these by hormone healthy diets or bio-identical hormone replacement. When estrogen levels decrease, it can lead to state of insulin resistance, which is a form of pre-diabetes.  This is the main reason why women who are going through menopause gain weight, and find it so difficult to lose the weight. Life style changes are important along with modified diets.
What are hormone healthy diets particularly for menopausal women: Usually its recommended to eat lean protein in the diet chicken, turkey, fish, lean ham, pork, and low fat dairy products like cottage cheese, greek yogurt, and lowfat cheese.  In order to control your carbohydrate intake, ensure you avoid foods made with white flour, white pasta, white rice, white sugar, or white potato. A customized weight loss program is what is needed along with hormonal replacement in some cases. Getting blood tests for the hormone levels are a huge help in determining the best diet for menopause for you personally.

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