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Medical Weight Loss

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Medical Weight Loss

We have a Medical Weight Management programs, based on the latest developments in the fields of Nutrition and Weight Loss. Dr. Anjali Hooda Sangwan has received training in Obesity Medicine and Clinical Nutrition and specializes in the treatment of overweight and obese patients.

Each patient is an individual who undergoes a very intense initial assessment to determine specific needs. Physician identifies and treats the hidden causes of overweight and obesity, such as slow metabolism, hormonal and nutritional imbalances or genetic factors. Our programs are structured to optimize the nutritional and exercise health needs of each patient, while ensuring a safe, effective and healthy weight loss.

Plan options include food-based programs, which focus on decreasing refined carbohydrates, while increasing vegetables, fruit and lean protein. In addition, we are currently working on Indian style readymade meal-replacement programs (may include prepackaged entrees) ranging from partial to full meal replacement plans.

Weight loss medications used to suppress hunger and add support to your dietary and lifestyle plan. Appetite suppressants do work, and can be very useful in kick-starting a diet. If you are struggling to lose weight and believe you can use the extra support provided by appetite suppressant medications and if they are appropriate for you medically you may choose to take them.

We may also recommend hormonal screening for the subclinical hormonal deficiencies. On occasion we use HCG in our weight loss program with US protocols. Thyroid hormone is often the under diagnosed metabolic hormone that leads to weight gain unexpectedly with unexplained depression and many cardiovascular, mental, skin and hair changes. We believe in extensive thyroid screening and optimal treatment at our center.

At the core of all the programs are group education classes with our Physician and Registered Dietician. We encourage patients to form support groups and have discussions weekly about how they are able to achieve success and tell their story to the new enrollment patients. These classes focus on nutrition education and diet restructuring. In addition, lifestyle changes are implemented through cognitive and behavioral counseling.

The Medical Weight Management would include:

  • Individual and Group Lifestyle Modification Classes
  • Personalized diet plan based on blood test results
  • Partial / Full Meal Replacement Programs depending on availability
  • Low Refined Carbohydrate Plans
  • Protein Sparing Modified Fast
  • Progressive Training for Behavior Change
  • Physical Activity Training and guidance
  • Weight Loss Medications, if appropriate
  • Body Composition Measurement
  • Evaluation for Bariatric Surgery
  • Pediatric & Adolescent Programs
  • Maintenance Program
  • Hormonal imbalance evaluation
  • Stress management