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Discover the Magic: 7 Surprising Secrets to Keep Your Gut Smiling – Don’t Miss Out!

Wading through the vibrant mosaic of Indian cuisine, adorned with a myriad of spices and tantalising flavours, it might appear challenging to maintain a joyful equilibrium in your gut. Yet, there’s no need for alarm, as the path to gut health satisfaction and overall wellness is dotted with straightforward, yet impactful rituals that marry the time-honoured traditions with the discoveries of contemporary science.

1. Fermented Delights

Make room on your plate for the likes of yoghurt (dahi), buttermilk (chaach), kombucha, kefir etc. These fermentation champions are like best buddies to your gut, carrying legions of beneficial bacteria to elevate your digestive wellness.

2. Fibre Power

Embrace a bounty of low glycemic fibre-rich fruits and vegetables such as green apples, berries, and beans. At LiveNutrifit, Dr. Anjali Hooda’s clinic focuses on brimming with veggies etc.  for a balanced gut ecosystem.

3. Herbal Hydration

Think about trading your everyday chai for herbal brews such as peppermint or ginger tea. They not only ensure you stay hydrated but also calm your stomach and help with digestion.

4.The Art of Eating

Pause to savour your meals. Mindful eating boosts digestion and nutrient uptake, and it’s a chance to deeply relish the pleasure of eating.

5. Simplify Your Diet

Scale back on processed foods that may upset your gut’s microbial balance. Choosing unprocessed, whole foods helps sustain a harmonious gut microbiome.

6. Keep Moving

Whether it’s a lively walk or a yoga flow, staying active is essential for a digestive system that runs like clockwork and for melting away stress.

7. Nourish Your Gut

Sprinkle your meals with prebiotic stars like garlic, onions, and leeks. These are like gourmet treats for the good bacteria in your belly.

Dive in, adopt these habits, and follow your gut towards a journey filled with health and joy!

We at LiveNutriFit, Dr. Anjali’s Hooda’s Clinic work on making these as a lifestyle change work making it as a unique way of life.

And remember, if you ever find yourself in doubt, reach us at LiveNutriFit.

Dr. Anjali Hooda is MBBS, MD from U.S.A and India’s first functional medicine doctor in Delhi, India. Her specialisation is to treat RA, lupus, Hashi-moto, IBS/IBD, Gut health, Diabetes, thyroid, psoriasis, obesity management and other autoimmune disorders through functional medicine.

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