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Infrared sauna is a therapy which uses infrared light to heat up your body. Infrared light therapy is completely healthy and safe.  Infrared Sauna in Delhi NCR , the electromagnetic radiations are used which directly warm your body instead of air around you.

An infrared heat surrounds you and penetrates deep inside tissue, heats up the body before heating up the air.

An infrared sauna increases the blood circulation which helps to relieve inflammation, sore and tense muscles and helps to heal faster. It also relaxes the muscles and carries off the metabolic waste products, delivering oxygenated blood to the muscles to recover fast. It also helps to lose weight and to detoxify the body.


Infrared Sauna in Delhi NCR


Infrared sauna has several health benefits which include:

WEIGHT LOSS: Through Infrared sauna initially there is no fat loss but the water loss.

Infrared sauna helps in losing weight by controlling the basal metabolic rate which in turn boosts the body metabolism and that results in weight loss. If the person is physically inactive, basically a sedentary lifestyle, this infrared sauna is the best way to burn calories and achieve weight loss, infrared sauna is just similar to high intensity workout as relaxing in sauna produces the same essential effects similar to exercise and workout.

DETOXIFICATION: Our body is highly susceptible to toxins, chemicals, Environmental pollutants. Body internally also produces lots of toxins that need to be released out by some way. Here, infrared sauna helps to detoxify the body by a simple sweating process, the more the perspiration rate, the more will be the detoxification. Infrared sauna cleanses the body system as a whole and helps in internal relaxation which in turn elevates the energy levels. It also helps to reduce the inflammation in the body. 

PAIN RELIEF AND TISSUE REPAIR: Infrared sauna has soothing effects on the body by relieving aches and pains and body stiffness by improving blood circulation, oxygen efficiency thus reducing inflammation and swelling in the body. It helps in maintaining muscle health. It reduces the soreness and lessens muscle spasms thus helping to heal the body internally.

BLOOD CIRCULATION: Infrared sauna helps in blood vessel expansion, blood vessel dilation making oxygen available to all cells of the body hence optimizing blood circulation. 

IMPROVE SKIN HEALTH: Sauna rejuvenates skin cells, moistens the skin improving the hydration level of skin. Sauna helps in opening of clogged pores of the skin and releases the toxins from the skin surface through sweating. As the cells rejuvenate it makes the skin look healthier and glowing.

 REDUCE STRESS AND FATIGUE: Sauna stimulates the active release of endorphins (feel good hormones), which helps in stress management and also it elevates the mood. Since during stress the cortisol levels are generally elevated, sauna helps in maintaining the cortisol at normal level.  Blood vessels relaxation and dilation helps in reduction of muscle tension which in turn reduces the pain and fatigue.

BOOST IMMUNE SYSTEM: Sauna helps in increasing the level of immune cells which are WBC and monocytes (fighter cells or army of the body), thus boosting the immunity. With a strong defense system one can achieve good health. 


  • Person should be well hydrated before going to the sauna. It helps in electrolyte balance and replenishes fluids stores of the body.
  • To help relieve body aches and pain or muscular pain we can massage the targeted area in the sauna for improved healing.
  • One should not eat anything before going for a sauna session.
  • The ideal duration for an infrared sauna is 25-30mins.


There are certain health conditions which are not suitable with saunas. If you have any of the following conditions, be sure to check with your doctor before using a sauna:

  • Respiratory disorders like(Asthma or other breathing conditions)
  • Pregnancy
  • Epilepsy
  • Altered blood pressure
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Those taking stimulants, tranquilizers or other mind-altering drugs



  • Traditional sauna uses a temperature range of 180-195 degrees F while Infrared sauna uses a temperature range of 120-165 degrees F.
  • The forms of heat used in Traditional saunas are superficial heating, which does not deeply penetrate the tissues whereas Infrared sauna uses the deep penetrating heat energy which directly targets the tissues.
  • Sweating starts at a higher temperature in Traditional saunas whereas Infrared saunas use a low range of temperature for sweating.
  • Traditional sauna requires more power as compared to an Infrared sauna.
  • Traditional sauna requires more humidity control as compared to Infrared sauna.
  • Traditional saunas use a heat stove for heat production whereas in Infrared saunas use Infrared light for heat source.


  • One should start their Infrared sauna session with the cabin temperature reaching 80-90 degrees F, as the body needs a warm up prior to Infrared sauna.
  • Starting session should be short with a duration of 20mins.
  • Overheating is not recommended for the sauna session, if one feels light headed exit out of the sauna room.
  • Increase in heart beat or heart rate should be considered normal during the initial sessions of sauna.
  • Towels should be used for to absorb excessive sweating
  • After completing a sauna session a person should relax at room temperature to cool down the body.
  • An after bath is generally recommended after a sauna session.
  • A person suffering from chronic diseases like Diabetes, Cancer, Circulatory issues, Respiratory issues should consult a doctor first prior to sauna sessions.


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