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Ankylosing spondylitis & Diabetes

Rita Haokip
As Every woman knows, losing weight isn’t just about physical health, but emotional wellness and overall health as well. 3 months back Rita Haokip enrolled with us through our online weight loss programme and she had issues such as Ankylosing Spondylitis, PCOD and Fatty liver. Rita focused on her diet, gave up on unhealthy food and started exercising daily for 1 Hour. With these simple changes she had lost 15 kgs in 3 months and also seen a significant change in Spondylitis pain and PCOD getting better. Her weightloss journey is worth inspiring for everybody out there.

Our mystery man lost almost around 13kgs last year and keeping it off best part is his ankylosing spondylitis is improved and no degeneration of listhesis (bone fusion) as he is still maintaining a clean lifestyle

Anjana Oberoi
Anjana started her journey with livenutrifit via our app while she was in USA, then visited our Gurgaon clinc under supervision of Manveen our dietician her Hba1c in the starting was 8.8 and in 2months it went down to 5.9 and also she lost 10kgs of weight during this period

Saumil Mogre
Lost 12kgs in 2months
To begin with I was always fit with proper physique and doing regular exercise till last year when due to some personal reasons I was unable to have proper exercise and completely neglected my health and begin to munch on anything and everything, particularly unhealthy stuff. I begin to lose my focus on work as I started feeling unhappy regarding my physique as by now I have almost gained 12 kgs in 6 months and had gone fat. I decided to change myself as I was leading myself to destructive path, having observed what Diabetes can do to your body from last few painful months of my father. So being a Doctor myself and aware of high diabetes risk ( all my father’s side members are diabetic) to me I began with exercising and dieting. Tried different diets myself and was able to reduce 4kgs. But I reached a plateau after sometime and was unable to reduce my weight further.Thats the time I read book by Dr Anjali Hooda and was really impressed by the content and thought of having professional advice from her. Manveen mam was my guide during this journey of my weight loss. She  planned my diet according to my busy schedule and put me on intermittent fasting. Diet was also planned so meticulously that I never felt hungry and was not devoid of any nutrition.I was able to reduce 12kgs in 2 months just by diet given by her and with minimal xercise. I am really grateful and will always be indebted to her for guiding me in this weigh loss journey. I would recommend  this beautiful and talented dietician to anyone and everyone who wants to lose weight and march  shiningly on path of fitness. Livefit with Livenutrifit.

Ankylosing spondylitis & Diabetes

Magan kalra
Mr. Magan kalra a great public speaker lost 22kgs in 6 months with his HbA1c going from 10 to 5.6. He is super compliant now and his journey to fitness is still ongoing. He is a perfect example for someone who needed a bariatric surgery but opted for conservative weight loss with us.

Muklesh Yadav
Prediabetic patient lost 16kgs within a period of May 2018- Sept 2018 with sugar levels also getting better

This lady who came to us with Type 2 diabetes and was on insulin, had a loss of 7kgs in 3 months, but the major victory was getting her off insulin which was 18units at the start of 3 months to none today. Taper was slow and as per her comfort, she has improved her eating habits now and is on a vegetarian low carbohydrate meals with good fats and proteins.

This middle age gentleman has lost 15kgs over 8 months with off and on visits, he had diabetes,  high uric acid, joint pains, all reversed now, he is working out regularly, end of the year target is to loose 10kgs more

Sunil Sandhir
Mr. Sunil sandhir who had a Hba1C level of 6.8 lost 12kgs in 3 months by following a healthy lifestyle modification, along with this his blood parameters also improved drastically.

Weight loss is a byproduct of better lifestyle and diabetes reversal, here is an example.

Three months ago, this diabetic patient enrolled with us through our online program, with sheer motto of weight loss. Her reports showed that she was a type 2 diabetic, while she only insisted on weight loss and nothing else.

But we at LiveNutriFit, believe in holistic approach and diabetes reversal.

Here it is, her progress three months later, with not just improved blood sugars (Hba1c from 8.6 to 6.0) but also improved triglycerides (from 268 to 189), with only diet and lifestyle changes. She has lost only few kilos but reversed diabetes.


The best gift one can give to his/her body is a “transformation”.
Same way, the biggest satisfaction could be your body being in its ideal form!
That’s exactly what this star lady has done!

She has been enthusiastic since the very first day of her journey. The amount of dedication and passion she has shown is commendable. She has reduced 9.6 kilos in less than 3 months and still going headstrong! Though, the identity has been kept hidden as per the patient’s request, but the efforts and the results must be celebrated with pride Client was Nutritionist package.

Aakash Thakran
To change your body, you must change your mind That’s exactly what this young man did, after returning back to India from finishing school overseas. Years of staying away from home and then coming back home to family, gave him loads of love, mostly in the form of food. Just when this decided to get back in shape,

Enrolled with our Mentor program and lost a remarkable of 21 Kg, over a period of time. Came with the determination of going at ease with the pace of own’s body, not rushing for a quick weight loss. As rightly said, success is a journey, not a destination, he is still with us, loosing more weight, till he reaches his desired healthy goal

16 year old kid, identity hidden as requested, studying in a hostel lost 13kgs in 3 months with us. Challenges were many, but her compliance was phenomenal. She continues to remain a healthy eater and exercises daily

In the midst of Covid-19 healthy life must go on It does not matter if you have become comfortable with all the extras kilos, you should never quit striving for your ideal weight. Something similar happened with this middle age man who came to us with complaints like belly fat and weight loss, From weighing 82kgs to losing 8.8kg in less than 3 months by making few lifestyle changes.

Initially he managed to loose few kilos very quickly but after a month he was losing weight on lower pace due to slow metabolism. But he didn’t lose hope and stayed motivated throughout his weight loss journey. He is now exercising daily and eating clean, his journey towards weight loss is still continuing with us.

Amandeep Mathur
Wanted to lose weight and gain muscle mass, Amandeep lost 14kgs in 3 months with fat percentage down by 5%

Amit Aggarwal
Mr Amit’s stages of improvement from being unhealthy to a healthy man in just a few months, facial puffiness gone, waistline trimmed, has become fit and is now maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Arika Bansal
DR. Arika, a dermatologist by profession lost 20 kgs!

Harshita Singh
Sometimes the hardest part of making a big change is getting motivated. Here is an example of Harshita singh who was struggling with the Plateau weight since past few months, joined our online Premium weight loss programme and lost 7kgs and managed to break her plateau. Not only the loss is visible on the weighing scale but also there is noticeable inch loss as well. She is now focusing on maintaining her lifestyle and started working out everyday. As it is rightly said that “the number on the scale is now just not enough and here she is proved everybody wrong by showing her handwork.

Kartik Ashok
Lost 15kgs in 3 months with one of our leading nutritionist

Manvinder Singh
Manvinder lost 26kg in 3 months, his start weight was 122.1kg. He is down to 97.3kg still going strong to achieve his target weight

Neelam Sangwan
Neelam lost 10kgs in less than 3 months and is now leading am\n active lifestyle

Nishant Sondhi
Nishant sondhi who came to us for pre wedding weight loss enrolled for a year and moved to USA during the program lost 14kgs in less than a year, he has give up alochol, maintains a active lifestyle and has now learnt to balance his meals and activities!

Lost 19kgs in 5months, Started with 89kgs and Today she’s 70kgs ,had no medical condition.
She’s a complied patient follows the diet to the point with zero deviations.She Exercises Daily.
Her target is to loose 10 more kgs and she’s still continuing the plan with us!

Shive Oberoi
Shive lost 15kgs in less than 3 months, diet wise he was given low carbohydrate, good amount of protein not too high, some good fats, along with daily need of fibre, no junk, food cravings anymore, complete change of lifestyle, he now workouts regularly has lots of energy, even wife lost 10kgs by changing a few family habits.

Teena Sharma
Teena Sharma lost 10kgs in less than 3 months with no muscle loss and only fat loss. Her job required traveling and yet she manages her food with healthy food choices and keeps active!

My dietitian at Livenutrifit is a wonderful person. I am completely impressed by her. She has changed my lifestyle and taught me to eat healthy food. I have IBS problem and she made me understand what is the right food to eat not only this she told me you will realise yourself what wrong food you inhale. Yes i did. She has given me a healthy diet due to which i lost 7-8kgs. Not only this i had severe pains in legs, whenever i used to sleep i had cramps but by God grace i am 80-90 percent better. I am proud of her and livenutrifit and would like to continue my whole life.

Journey of a Housewife- Taking care of themselves is the last thing Indian housewives would do. Here we have one our very compliant patient (Identity hidden on request) who broke this stereotype. Joined after being insisted by her son, with every follow up, she was so happy to see her weight going down. Motivated to loose weight, she got regular with her exercise regime and therefore, here she has, her efforts paid off. Lost 10 kilos so far in a period of 3 months with remarkable inch loss and muscle gain & is still working to shed some more kilos before she wants to be put on a maintenance diet. We at LNF are proud of you for being one of our super compliant patient.


 Archana Garg
Archana  Garg lost 12kgs in 2.5 months keeping intact the muscle mass

Chetna Vij
Thyroid patient Lost 8kgs in 3 months with good amount of fat loss

Dr. Parv sachdeva
Thyroid and Prediabetic patient who decided to opt out of Bariatric surgery Has lost 26kg in 6 months with TSH level going down from 5.9 to 3 the normal category. He is still on the journey of weight loss with us.

Rajni Rana
Rajni rana thyroid patient lost 7.5kgs in 3 months with the nutritionist, with major changes in her inches and fat loss

Patients note- Thank you karishma and livenutrifit wellness pvt ltd  for all of your hard work, continued enthusiasm, professionalism, and expertise. You make our community a priority and work towards promoting a healthy lifestyle for all on a daily basis

I really like the positive changes in my life through healthy and balanced diets ..will be happy to  recommend you to my friends too

Ranjeeta Choudhary
Ranjeeta choudhary a hypothyroid patient lost 8.5kg in 3 months and is now leading a healthy lifestyle

Roshni lost 16kgs in 3 months she is hypothyroid and hypertensive which are now all under control, she is walking daily for 1hour as opposed to when she couldn’t even walk for 10mins coz of leg pain. Leg pain is also much improved

Her daughter who was not enrolled with us followed the same plan with her and lost 15kgs in 3 months

Shweta sharma
Shweta sharma thyroid patient lost 15kgs in 3 months with significant changes in her inches along with the improvement in overall health

Sunita Aggarwal
Hypothyroid, Post menopause, IBS patient Sunita aggarwal who came with issues like Severe body pain, gastric issues, Disturbed sleep, frequent urination lost 7-8kgs in total and is doing much better now in terms of the issues she was facing

Patient note- My dietician Dr Manveen Kaur is a wonderful person. I am completely impressed by her. She has changed my lifestyle and taught me to eat healthy food. I have IBS problem and she made me understand what is the right food to eat not only this she told me you will realise yourself what wrong food you inhale. Yes i did. She has given me a healthy diet due to which i lost 7 to 8 kgs. Not only this i had severe pain in my legs, whenever i used to sleep i had cramps but by God grace i am 80 to 90 percent better. Manveen ji i am proud you are my coach and would like to continue my whole life. Luv you

Vrinda Arora
Hypothyroid patient who was struggling through weight gain issue since past many years joined our weight loss programme two months back. Her journey was not easy in the beginning because of hypothyroidism and slow metabolism which stopped her from losing weight but she believed in herself and changed her lifestyle completely. With her persistent efforts and dedication she had lost 7kgs within a period of 2 months with visible inch loss and thyroid also getting better. She is now regular with her walks and is maintaining a active and healthy lifestyle


Anjali lost her post pregnancy weight ie., (12kgs in 3 months) with one of our nutritionist at livenutrifit.

Ila Mathur
Ila Mathur came to see us after 6 weeks of delivering a baby and within a period of 3 months she lost 10kgs while she was breastfeeding

Lost 20kgs. During the weight loss programme she was breasfeeding the baby and eating well.

Surabhi Dabas
Lost 14kgs in 3 months, During the weight loss programme she was breasfeeding the baby and eating well, she has now started working out also

Swati arora
“Post-delivery period is a difficult phase. The lady has to give proper attention to the child, and herself too! All the ladies out there, would agree that it’s tough to keep focus upon you in the lactation period. But this woman, has not only been taking care of her six months old baby, but has transformed her body drastically. She reduced 11 kilos in just 3 months!!!! Just slight changes in the eating habit, and BOOM! SHE IS IN HER IDEAL SHAPE.
Such is the devotion, which is needed for transformation!
There’s a saying, and she definitely proved it
“Where there is a Will, there is Way”


Hema Chaudhary
Hema Chaudhary who was facing hormonal issues and was overweight lost 10kgs in total with better hormonal health, better skin, better digestion and is now hitting the gym more often

Jahanvi Kumari
PCOD and thyroid patient lost 10kgs with PCOD and thyroid both becoming better and medcines dosage also reduced

Seema Bhodatia
Seema PCOD patient and a teacher by profession lost 18kgs in 3 months

Tanvi Kaul
Tanvi came in september 2019, with PCOS, Acne. she has lost 17kgs since then and is still going steady with her weight loss.


Setu Gautam
Lost 14kgs in 3 months

Patients note- Before I started my journey from turning fat to fit,I analysed myself what were those things which made me fat, then there were many answers to the analysis. In which my first answer was “Self carelessness” Secondly “Not eating the right foods”. Thirdly and most important  Exercise and workouts ” Last but not least was “stupid excuses for not following the Above points”. Then one day I started suffering from knee pain and at this age, it was like a joke. and my mom said you have to lose some weight to get rid of this pain, those words act as a miracle to me. took the 100 days challenge and meanwhile from day one I started working on my analysis part and results are here. Thanks to Dr Anjali and her team (especially Karishma soni) to boost me up for eating things. Yes, u guys change lives. This a best gift I can ever give to mumma.. love you maa


Anita Dabas
Mrs. Dabas at the age of 60 lost 10kgs in less than 3 months, with knee pain almost gone and lives a active lifestyle now


Madhu Lata Yadav
Lost 10kgs in 3 months with significant change in her joint pain


Pratham Goel
Lets redefine family goals like the Goel’s. 8 year old pratham has lost 6 kgs of weight and is now recovering from osteoporosis. His knee which was bent at an angle of 23degrees is now at 10 degree the doctor who initially said that Pratham will require surgery now says that he will out grow his osteoporosis. He has gained height and is now 7cm taller in just 6months. His mom and dad also who started eating healthy to support him have become fit. His dad who was 106kgs now weighs 92kgs and his mom who was 78kgs now weighs 70kgs


Rekha Upadhyay
Rekha upadhyay even after getting bariatric surgery twice could not come down from 122kgs, today her current weight is 91kgs, loss of 30kgs by following a restrictive but healthy diet, she is a strict vegetarian but is able to maintain a good protein intake through her meals.


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