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My Speciality

Doctor Anjali strives with only one mission; to simplify adopting a healthy lifestyle for everyone. To change the way in which we look at diseases and reach to their core to understand & treat symptoms at their roots for a better & sustainable cure.

Functional medicine

Functional Medicine follows a systems biology–based approach that mainly focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of any disease for individual patients.


Though ageing is a natural process that can never be completely stopped or reversed, some proven treatments like Peptide therapies can help reduce their effects and slow it down.


Obesity not only leads to numerous medical conditions but can also hamper an individual’s self-confidence. Losing weight is not easy but can be achieved with the right guidance. 

intravenous or IV

IV drips are enriched with essential nutrients  which is an infusion of medicines, vitamins, electrolytes & amino acids delivered directly in your veins to ensure peek efficiency.

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