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Vitamin-D also called the sunshine vitamin, it’s an essential fat-What is Vitamin-D ?soluble vitamin produced in the skin with effect to or in response to sunlight. 

But many people don’t get a sufficient or enough amount of vitamin D and eventually they are at risk of getting vitamin D deficiency. 

Vitamin D also known as ergocalciferol-D2, cholecalciferol –D3 or alfacalcidol is basically a fat-soluble hormone which helps our body to absorb elements like calcium and phosphorus.

 So if we consume right amount of Calcium, Vitamin D, and phosphorus- it’ll definitely help our body to keep the bones strong and healthy.

Also Vitamin D is also used tp prevent or to treat bone related diseases or certain bone disorders like osteopenia, osteomalacia, rickets etc.

Vitamin D synthesis takes place beneath the skin when the skin is exposed to sunlight.

Vitamin-D: Some major aspects DELHI NCR

  • It is used in combination with calcium to prevent or to treat bone deformities or bone loss like osteoporosis;
  • Also used with other medicines like phosphates or calcium to treat calcium or phosphate deficiency that was been caused by certain diseases/disorders like hyperparathyroidism or familial hypophosphatemia;
  • Can be used in kidney disorders to keep the calcium levels stable and thereby allowing normal bone growth;
  • Also Vitamin-D supplements are given to breast fed infants as breast milk has very low levels of Vitamin D.


  • It helps keep our bones strong and healthy, protects the body from diseases like rickets, osteopenia, osteomalacia, osteoporosis etc.
  • Vitamin D3 helps in calcium and phosphorus absorption, since if body is vitamin D3 deficient, he/she is more prone to deficiency diseases mentioned above.
  • Vitamin D3 has a strong connection with parathyroid gland, this parathyroid gland performs function to balance the calcium metabolism in the blood by communicating with the gut , our excretory organs (kidneys basically) and the skeleton. Incase of calcium insufficiency in the body the parathyroid borrow calcium from it’s own skeleton just to keep the calcium levels  normal.


 Vitamin-D is basically needed to keep your body functioning well. 

So now what is Vitamin D3 deficiency ?

Vitamin D3 deficiency indicates that our body doesn’t have enough of Vitamin D in our body or the inability to convert enough Vitamin D3 for the body.

As already mentioned above: the important role or need of Vitamin D in our body, so this important fat soluble vitamin helps to keep the bones strong and it also help prevent some types of cancers.

some Symptoms of Vitamin-D deficiency that includeSymptoms of Vitamin-D deficiency


-muscle pain/muscle aches or cramps in the muscle,


-pain in bones,

-mood changes or swings-depression,


  1. When we don’t consume the recommended dose or levels of vitamin D3 through diet or supplementation,
  2. If the sunlight exposure is limited- since sunlight is the importance source to convert Vitamin D3 in an absorbable form,
  3. Dark skin- Higher the melanin slower will be the skin’s ability to convert D3  into usable form, darker the skin higher will be the risk of D3 deficiency,
  4. Our main excretory organ also has a major role like if our kidneys are not converting D3 into active form,  also as age increases our kidney function to convert D3 into active form decreases.
  5. Gut Health or Gut participation has an another role for D3 absorption- if a person is suffering from disease like celiac disease , cystic fibrosis, Crohn’s disease, usually their gut integrity is compromised and hence this intestine’s inability can cause vitamin D3 deficiency.
  6. Obesity- Greater the BMI or the body mass index (greater than 30), lower will be the Vitamin D3, as fat cells keep vitamin D3 isloated and hence not released in an active form.


  • The main aim to prevent or to treat vitamin D deficiency is to reach and keep an adequate level of Vitamin D3v in the body. To  take vitamin D3 supplementation orally or any other form like intravenously (iv nutrition), eating or consuming foods rich in vitamin D3, 10-15minutes of  sunlight exposure thrice in a week to absorb a suitable amount of vitamin D3.


Here is the list of rich sources of vitamin D3:Vitamin-D Diet Source

1.Salmons-  Salmon is considered as  an excellent source or a rich source of vitamin D and a fatty fish. 

2.Egg Yolk-  The egg yolk contains the majority of the fat, vitamin including vitamin D3 as well, and other minerals.

3.Cow’s Milk-  Cow’s milk has an excellent quality of vitamin D3 in it.

4.Cod Liver Oil/fish liver oil-  It also has a good content of vitamin D3.

5.Soy Milk-  Has a good amount of vitamin D in it.

6.Orange juices, yoghurt, margarine, fortified cereals and oatmeal also are been fortified with vitamin D3.


Vitamin D3, also called as the ‘’sunshine vitamin’’, is actually an essential fat-soluble vitamin which is produced in skin when exposed  to sunlight. Since many people don’t get a sufficient or enormous amount of vitamin D3 and thus they are prone to vitamin D deficiency. We at LiveNutriFit can help you manage Vitamin D deficiency by giving you a balanced diet and IV therepy by providing sunkissed booster(Vitamin D3 intravenously). For further info and details, please visit us at and or call us at +91-9990025252. Livenutrifit is a one-stop solution in providing world-class medical services available to all. We also offer vitamin D3 home IV packages. Learn how raising your vitamin D3 levels effectively and safely can help you in your daily life. 

We offer the tremendous or incredible benefits of effective and quick vitamin D3 Intraveneous (IV) therapy namely- ‘’The Sun Kissed Booster”. We infuse our IV drips with vitamin D3, by introducing this essential fat soluble vitamin to the body intravenously. So that by bypassing digestion and providing it intravenously our body can easily absorb vitamin D3 at much higher concentrations. Vitamin D3 provides support for a variety of body functions.


Here are some essential health benefits of supplementing  diet with ‘SUNKISSED BOOSTER’

( Vitamin-D3 through IV)

  • Helps in Facilitating Bone Health by providing bone-strengthening benefits, this SUN KISSED BOOSTER help to promote or increase body’s ability to absorb calcium, healthy bone growth or complete skeletal health and to ensure normal mineralization of the bones.
  • Helps in building healthy immunity of the body by reducing inflammation and thus reducing auto-immune responses, lowers the risk of flu like symptoms (cough and cold) , inhibits cancer cell growth by helping healthy cells to communicate effectively.
  • Promotes heart health by protecting the lining of the blood vessels and thus reducing the risk of getting cardiovascular diseases.
  • It also improves digestive health and helps the intestine to absorb micronutrients like magnesium, calcium, zinc and iron and thus improving diet and digestion.
  • Helps boosts overall mood and ward off depression.
  • Weight loss- since obesity is closely linked to vitamin D3 deficiency, boosting the body with this SUN KISSED BOOSTER will definitely help in weight loss too.
  • Since diabetic patients has low vitamin D levels, this ‘SUNKISSED BOOSTER’ also offer diabetic support by improving diabetic symptoms of the patients.



  • Can Vitamin-D infusion be done with IV?

Ans. Yes, it can done with IV. This enhances the absorption rate through intestines and hence absorbed at higher concentrations.

  • How long does it take for Vitamin-D IV infusion?

Ans. Maximum it take 30minutes to an hour, not more than that.

  • Is this IF infusion painful?

Ans. The only pain that the patients report is the pin prick pain at the site of injection.

  • Why do we need such IV infusions?

Ans. Since Vitamin D has so many benefits, to treat weak bone, to prevent bone brittleness, helps in absorbing bone building calcium. There are several other benefits mentioned above.



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