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What’s HCG?

The hormone hCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, is generally seen or  present at more than levels in early pregnancy . 

It’s also been used to help treat infertility in both men as well as women.

Moreover,high levels of hCG in blood may also be a reason for several types of cancer, like placental cancer , ovarian cancer and testicular cancer.

The HCG Procedure or therapy mutualise the weight reduction benefits with caloric deficit dieting and the fat-burning mechanism of hCG. 

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Caloric deficit diet can provide tremendous weight loss at the cost of your muscles when the body uses them down for energy production. 

When hCG is eventually present in the blood, the body can easily convert calories from fat instead of using muscle mass.

HCG’s mechanism in our body in Delhi-NCR 

HCG is a protein-based hormone that the body produces during pregnancy.

It helps regulate the secretion of important hormones such as progesterone to support the normal/ healthy growth of the mother’s uterus and of course the fetus.

After the first trimester of pregnancy, blood levels of hCG fall.

hcg in delhi-ncr

This hormone hCG is produced in tremendous amounts in the first trimester of pregnancy also it helps in regulating the production of other necessary pregnancy hormones.

HCG and Its connection with weight loss:

Many Nutritionists claim that this HCG diet boosts up the body metabolic rate and helps you lose tremendous amounts of fat — all without compensating with hunger pangs!

How the HCG Protocol  works for Weight Loss in Delhi-NCR ?

Patients following the hCG diet will undergo daily injections shots of very small doses of hCG along with a very low calorie diet of 1000 to 1400 calories a day that are burned from stored reserves of the body fat when hCG is present in the body. 

Taking hCG shots promotes body metabolism by keeping the body in an anabolic state that helps in muscle building and fat burning process.

 When we keep our body on a starvation mode by having a calorie deficient diet, hCG allows the body to metabolize unwanted fat instead of converting muscle mass, so the weight that is lost during this kinda diet is mostly the extra fats.


The Golden Rules of the HCG Diet:

The HCG Diet is a very  low fat,  very very low calorie diet.

It’s Basically been Subdivided into three major phases:

  1. Loading phase. In the loading phase we generally start with taking hCG and eating plenty of high fats, high calorie foods for straight 2 days.
  2. Weight loss phase. In this phase we Continue taking hCG and we basically restrict our calories to 500 calories per day for 3 to 6 weeks.
  3. Maintenance phase. In this we generally Stop taking hCG. We Gradually increase our food intake but avoid sugary and starchy foods for 3 weeks straight.

While people who seek minimal weight reduction or the minimal inch loss they may spend 3 weeks or more on the middle phase, those seeking significant weight reduction may be advised to follow the hCG diet restrictions for 6 weeks and even repeat all phases of the cycle several times until weight loss is achieved.

During the second phase of this protocol i.e., the weight loss phase, you’re only allowed to have two major meals in a day — those are usually lunch and your  dinner.

Each meal of this HCG diet should necessarily contain:

one portion of lean protein

  1. a vegetable
  2. a piece of bread
  3. a serving of fruit

Clarified butters,dalda, ghee, oils, and sugary, starchy foods should be avoided, but you need to focus on more liquids and to get a good hydration, the body should be well hydrated. 

Liquid like Mineral water, caffeine like, and tea are allowed in this diet.


 Essential Benefits of Dieting With HCG in Delhi-NCR ?

Diet connection with hCG is actually more than just Weight loss

Patients who religiously adhere to the hCG protocol will experience the following changes in their body:

  1. Enhanced burning or metabolization of unwanted fat,
  2. Enhanced or Stabilized metabolism of the body,
  3. Slimmed figures of abdomen, hips, upper arms, buttocks, and neck- particularly the inch loss!
  4. Enhanced retentivity of the muscle mass
  5. If we maintain a healthy diet and a vigorously active lifestyle ,it will actually help enhance the results of the hCG diet program to last longer.

Also after following this hCG diet patients tend to maintain their weight in good figures easily  because of the fat that was lost and of course the  stabilized body metabolism which in turn makes it easier to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

In some Patients we can also see some additional weight loss after their diet.


Can HCG Improve Your Life?

Patients who have a keen interest for  an effective weight loss treatment can actually expect intense and effective results from dieting with hCG. 

Patients experience increased and enhanced or boosted up energy levels with enhanced stamina after this weight loss program. 

Overall health of a person significantly increases, and the function or the vitality of organs increases after this protocol, which actually results in enhanced quality of life for many patients. 

This diet actually reduces the chances of getting metabolic diseases like diabetes mellitus and actually helps in lowering the bad cholesterol and thus in turn promotes better and enhanced medical health.


Benefits of HCG Treatment in Delhi-NCR ?

This treatment or protocol with hCG is beneficial to everyone who’s basically looking to metabolize or burn fat. 

Dieting with hCG leads to a faster weight and fat loss as compared to other caloric deficit diets. 

Also this kinda diet with hCG easily fits into most peoples’ hectic lifestyles as seen in various cases.


Is it Safe – Dieting With hCG in Delhi-NCR ?

hCG dieting is actually a good option for those who want to lose weight at a quick pace.

 hCG is safe, and the diet and shots are given under the approval and medical supervision. 

To ensure patients do not suffer from Protein Energy Malnutrition under this specific calorie deficit diet,  two major meals are allocated per day which basically consists of one vegetable, one protein, and one fruit or one bread.


The HCG diet actually conjugates the use of hormone supplements or hCG shots and focuses on severe calorie restriction to promote weight loss, and instant fat burning mechanism.

People following the HCG diet protocol initially lose weight and this can be entirely due to the severe calorie restriction rather than the natural effects of the hCG hormone.

But yes, staying on just 500 calories per day isn’t sustainable or healthy  and yes of course it can cause serious adverse effects. Therefore, people who actually wish to lose weight at a quick pace should speak to a doctor for medical health advice and information. 

An experienced Doctor can actually help a person do a sustainable weight loss strategy that in turn works according to their individual needs.

However, these protocols may not be suitable or healthy for everyone, as it totally depends on a person’s body metabolism so it is important that a person should consult a professional before making any significant changes in their diet and their lifestyle.


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s HCG?

HCG  is basically a hormone for the actual recognition of pregnancy produced by trophoblast cells that are surrounding a growing embryo, which eventually forms a placenta after implantation.

How does HCG work in our body?

HCG is a protein-based hormone that the body produces during pregnancy, it helps maintain the production of important hormones such as progesterone to support the healthy growth of the fetus. After the first trimester of pregnancy, blood levels of HCG decreases.

How are HCG and weight loss interconnected?

Taking HCG puts the body in an anabolic state that is conducive to building muscle and burning fat. HCG allows the body to burn unwanted fats instead of burning muscles, so the weight lost during the diet is mostly fats.

What are the rules of the HCG Diet?

Basic rules describes- 

Loading phase- Start taking HCG and eat plenty of high fat, high calorie foods for 2 days

Weight loss phase- Continue taking HCG and eat only 500 calories per day for 3 to 6 weeks

Maintenance phase- Stop taking HCG , gradually increase your food intake but avoid sugar and starch for 3 weeks.

What Are the Essential Benefits of Dieting With HCG in Delhi-NCR?

The HCG diet is an extreme diet meant to cause very fast weight loss of up to 1 lbs/day. It actually boosts metabolism and fat loss without inducing hunger.



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